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Wedding Dresses & Bridal Gowns
Alter for the perfect fit for your body shape for a very special day. we alter and remodel wedding dress and bridal gowns.
Currently offering the best price wedding dress alterations with guaranteed services in Sydney.

Suit Alterations

Our tailor will measure for the perfect fit
- Take in or out shoulder
- Take in or out chest
- Shortening sleeves
- Shortening hem lengths
- Taking in the sides seams
- Waist in & Waist out & Hip 
   line adjustment
- Tapering legs
- Narrowing arms

Leather Clothes Alterations
We professionally alter and remodel all kinds of leather clothes to modern style and give that "perfect fit" to your body type.
- Shoulder fitting, taper in and out, sleeves, narrowing arms, collar remodeling, sleeves changes, lining change, repairs etc....

Do you have a lot of 'old' loved clothes in your wardrobe or handed down to you or that does not fit? Bring them to us and our tailor can re-shape to modern style for the perfection.
Our tailor can re-model your Wedding dress to modern dress.
Basic hem will be shortened in a spot for your urgent needs. We can shorten your jeans with keeping the original hem as well.
We will sew in zips and replace old zips on jackets, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, cushion covers, baby suits, ski jackets and suits, motor bike gear, leather jackets and many other garments. We match the original zip where possible.
For that perfect tailored look, we can taper skirts, shirts, jackets and pants to suit the individual's requirements.
We servicing all your mending needs. 
- Most pant hems will be shortened within 1 hour.
- We can shorten your jeans with the original hem.
- We can shorten your pants with a cuff.
- We will shorten skirts and dresses, with or without lining.
- We expertly shorten pleated skirts and dresses.
- We professionally shorten blazers, jackets and coats.
- Shorten your old T shirts and make them fashionable.
- Have your shirt and jacket sleeves shortened so that they look "tailor made"
We can lengthen many garments by adding a false hem. Bring the garment in to any of our stores, together with the shoes that you would like to wear, and we will advise you on the best means of lengthening the garment.
Bring your torn jeans, pants or other garments and we will discuss with you the best way to patch the garment. Our expert tailors are very creative in mending garments.
Our tailors machine sew or hand sew your garments and some other items as required.
Even if for small job, such as a library bag made, or your curtains hemmed, or even your bed sheets altered, bring them in our store and our tailors will provide you with a reasonable quote.
If you are going to a fancy dress party or need a costume for a school play, see our creative staff and they may be able to help you.
Curtains, quilt covers, table clothes, cushions. Our skilled professionals can take care of many of your specific Homeware requirements.
If you need something special made for your workplace, then come and talk to us. All things are possible with our skilled tailors. 

We offer all range of tailor and alteration services.